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Beginners Guide To Outlook Sign In Process

Why should you stay connected with outlook when there are many other email service providing companies exist in the market? Well, this is an obvious question which everyone will ask that why you should stick with outlook. The outlook is one of the most demanding, easy to use an email client with lots of features. There are many features which are not available in any other mailing service like Yahoo, Gmail etc. So, before proceeding to the sign in process of outlook. Let’s have a look at some of the standout features of outlook.



The first and the most important thing which comes in mind is that whether outlook is secured or not? Can I use this service without any fear of losing my potential data? To all these answers, there is only one answer which is yes absolutely. Outlook is the most secured mailing network provided by Microsoft to its customers. There are A-level security features which restrict any phishing attack on your emails.

Send Huge Files

There is a problem with other mailing networks, that you are not able to send huge files easily in emails. But thanks to SkyDrive integration with Outlook. Now, you can send huge file size up to 10GB in one mail. In reality, the receiver of the mail will receive a link to download that uploading file right from SkyDrive. So, there is no issue in sending larger files with outlook.

Outlook Signin

Recover Deleted Messages

If someone steal your email password and delete any important mail from your inbox or outbox. Then there is no need to worry about as Outlook provide you a facility to recover all the deleted messages. You can learn more about this feature by going to Advance privacy settings in the options menu of Inbox.

Sign In With A Single-Use Code

This is another stand out feature of Outlook in which you can use a single code instead of a long password. For example, if you are using any public laptop. Then you can request for a single-use code which will be used for only one time. The code will be received in your mobile phone which you have attached to your outlook account.

Rename Your Email Address

This is the last but not the least feature of outlook due to which you should not switch to any other email service provider. This feature is not available in any other mailing service in which you can change your email address according to your wish. This can be done by going to Options in inbox section and then in Rename your email address. Now, here you can enter your new username. You can also opt other email domain along with your new username.

Outlook Sign In Process

The process of signing in to outlook is pretty easy. Just go to in your browser. Now enter your email id and password. Click on sign in to get signed into your outlook account. You can also sign in by using single-use code option. 

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