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Security Tips And Tricks For Outlook.Com Login

Outlook is the successor of popular mailing service Hotmail. It is a web mailing system which is pretty handy to use with user-friendly interface and awesome features. If you have not created an account in outlook, then make one by going to their official web address. In this post, we will discuss different security tips and tricks which you should keep in mind to make your login session secure.


Security Tips And Tricks For Outlook

Here are few security tips which will help you to make your account secure. If you are willing to fully secure your account, then these tips are for you.

Set a Strong Password

The first possible way to reach your mailing account is to hack your password. We often don’t focus on setting up a unique and strong password. In spite of the fact that password is the most important part of your mailing account information. Some people use their names and hobbies as their passwords. These are easy to break passwords. If you want to make your account secured, then you should set a strong password. The strong password would include alphabets both in upper and lower case along with numbers. The use of special characters in the password will make it more secure.

Enable Two Step Verification

The next security tip is to enable two step verification method. In this method, if someone try to access your account from an unknown place. Then he will need an additional verification code to verify that it is you. It is another cool feature which will help you to secure your mailing address. But for this feature to work, you will have to add any source of communication with Microsoft like your phone number. When you will attach your mobile phone number with your email account, then the verification code will be sent as a message to your mobile phone.

Enter Recovery Information

This is another important part of securing your account. Because in any case, if you get stuck in a problem to get signed into your account. Then this recovery information will help you get your account back in working condition. For example, you can add recovery email id which will be used in future to regain your access to the account in case of any issue.

Security Notifications To Mobile Phone

The next security tip which you should adopt is to have security notifications option enabled for your mobile phone. By doing this, you will be able to monitor your account activity. For example, if someone try to access your outlook account, then you will get notifications about such events on your mobile phone. This can also be set to your primary email address, where you will get a notification email about the recent activity.

To setup, the security notification option just visits the Notifications option from the dashboard. Then, go to the security page. Now you can select the source for security notifications. It can be your email address or your mobile phone. After choosing one, click on save to get your account secured. 

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